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Longview lawyer, William C. Martin, III, served as the elected Judge in Gregg County, Texas, in the Court of Domestic Relations and Family District Court for the 307th Judicial District from January, 1971 through his retirement from office in December, 1990. He subsequently served as an assigned Senior Judge in the Texas Judicial System, specializing in family law in Dallas County and throughout northeast Texas, until his retirement from the bench in December, 2010. During his judicial tenure, he served on the Council of the State Bar’s Family Law Section, drafting legislative amendments to the Texas Family Code and contributing forms to early versions of the State Bar Form Book and Practice Manual. As a member of the Juvenile Court Judges’ Committee and the first Juvenile Probation Commission, Judge Martin helped shape juvenile corrections in the 1970s and 80s. He helped grade the first examinations for certification in Family law for the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and assisted in the construction of the examination for the class of 1976. He became board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family law as a Family Law Specialist in 1977. Only about one percent of the lawyers in Texas have this certification. He is a member of the Texas Association of Family Law Specialists and the Texas Family Law Foundation.

Family law cases can have devastating effects on everyone involved, including the children. William Martin represents his clients vigorously in the court system; however, it takes more than just representation to help a client survive the case. Clients need a trustworthy adviser when their ability to trust may be very low -- someone who understands what they are experiencing and can furnish a constant and dependable source of support and explanation of a system with which they are unfamiliar.  If you are looking for  an expert and experienced family law attorney in Longview, William Martin knows how to protect the client from start to finish, and takes his obligation to clients very, very seriously. As a board certified specialist, he routinely handles complex lawsuits involving Texas family law.

Having presided over many family law matters, William Martin has witnessed the life-altering stress, fear, anger and expense experienced by the litigants, and understands just how hard it is to endure the changes brought about by divorce, child custody disputes and other issues related to family law. He strives to guide his clients through the process by providing a full and complete explanation of the steps and expectations at every phase of the case. As a family law attorney in Texas, he believes in total and complete preparation, prompt, honest and open client communication, and keeping costs and expenses to a minimum wherever possible by negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other out of court options.

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